United Colors of Hairy Pussies

Black hairy twat fucked hard

I don’t care what color they come in, but a hairy pussy is a hairy pussy no matter how you look at it. The only common thing they share is that all these hairy pussies are pink on the inside. ;) And I don’t think any hirsute porn fan would even notice the color of the slut’s skin once she shows off that hairy beaver of hers. Hell, the only time I noticed that this slut on the pic was a Black slut was when one of my friends blurted out “That’s one fine black pussy if I ever saw one!” I was so caught up staring at her thick curly pubes that I was rendered, how do I put it, color blind the whole time. Bit if Black isn’t your color, then rest assured that Hairy PussiesSex.com has a wide variety of sluts that will cater to those picky few. Hehehe.

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